What Are Community Chaplains?

Take time to get to know more about what a community chaplain is. We are here to provide our community with valuable resources to bring healing and restoration to individuals, families and our community as a whole.

Just a like a new plant, everything needs nurturing. We’re here to help nurture your personal relationship with Jesus in a non-threatenting fashion. Unlike the typical church, we provide you with an environment that will make your spiritual advancemenets easy.

So What Is A Chaplain?

Community Chaplains serve in a variety of areas both locally within our community, work places and other locations. Below you will see a brief outline of what a chaplain is, what they do, and who they serve.

What Is A Community Chaplain

A Chaplain is an individual that has received extensive training to be able to assist anyone who may be dealing with a crisis in their life. They are able to deal with family issues, emotional issues, death, counseling, addiction issues and a host of other related item’s they may have been specifically trained in.

What Scenarios Do Chaplains Work Within

Based upon the credentials that our Chaplains have, they are able to enter into jail facilities, emergency rooms, and accident scenes. Our Community Chaplains are trained to work closely with a variety of agencies such as; Disaster Relief, American Red Cross, Law Enforcement and Family Services. Each of our Community Chaplains are well-diversed in a multitude of areas. Several of our Chaplains are highly-trained in dealing with family/marital care, substance abuse, grief counseling, stress management, and PTSD related issues.

When Is A Community Chaplain Available To Assist Me

We’re glad you asked. Our Community Chaplains work for a variety of local employers throughout the River Valley. Since their schedules varry, once you make contact with one of our Chaplains, they will advise you when they are available. However, in the event of an Emergency situation, we have Chaplains who are on call to assist with your situation. You can view our Chaplains page to see the Chaplains who are available to you, as well as the areas they specialize in. If you are in need of prayer, we want to encourage you to utilize our prayer page and submit a prayer request utilizing our special form. Upon receipt of your prayer request, if needed one of our Chaplains will be in contact with you.

What Training Does My Chaplain Have

Due to the nature in which each of our Community Chaplains operate, they have received a variety of ongoing and training seminars which provide them with the necessary tools to specifically deal with a variety of situations and scenarios. Many of our Chaplains are ordained ministers that work directly with local churches in the River Valley area and several different denominations. Each of our Chaplains here have been called to serve in a higher capacity of their personal ministry.

What Denominations Do You Serve ?

Community Chaplains of Arkansas is designed to operate as a non-denominational based organization. Although our Chaplains have their own denominations, they serve within our organization to be able to assist anyone, regardless of denomination or church affiliation. Our goal isn’t to focus on our denominations, but rather the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus.