Secretary's Report

August 29, 2015

CCOA Secretary's Report

Members Present

Members & visitors present for this meeting were Edward Lopez, Paul Northcut, Ken Latham, Sharon Malone, Dinorah Rangel, Danny Northcut, Harry Komprood, John Freeman, Mary Kisor, and Howard Kisor *Also attending: Tim Barnes (interested in becoming a Chaplain), Steve Sullivan (guest trainer) and Suzin Blair (Mr. Sullivan’s assistant).

Opening Prayer

Opening prayer was delivered by Chaplain President Lopez

Opening Scripture

Opening scripture was provided by Chaplain Proverbs 27

President’s Report

The motion to adopt the Revised Agenda handed out at the start of the meeting with the understanding that the President can adjust the Agenda as necessary was made.*New Business added to the agenda: (see for further info).Report on Activities taken by CCOA Leadership Team on 8-20-15 in reference to Catherine (Cae) Cordell:8-20-17 at 11:47 a.m., Chaplain Paul Northcut sent the following email to CCOA Leadership Team members (Edward Lopez, Danny Northcut, Dawn Hyatt and Howard Kisor) with the “Removal from Membership” letter regarding Catherine Cordell attached to the email.-Chaplain Paul Northcut wrote:“CCOA leadership team, see what you think of this letter. Please feel free to make suggestions, edits and corrections. I value your input.I would like your reply ASAP. I want to send this by certified mail today. Thank you very much and PLEASE COVER THIS WITH PRAYER. Chaplain Paul ”********************8-20-15 at 3:20 p.m., Edward Lopez, Danny Northcut, Dawn Hyatt and Chaplain Paul Northcut met at Arvest Bank, 121 N. Elmira Ave., Russellville, AR 72802. The purpose of this meeting was to complete the necessary paperwork to open a new bank account for CCOA. The bank employee that assisted us was Christy Scott. This new account # is: ********. It was opened with the three current CCOA officers, Edward Lopez, Danny Northcut, and Dawn Hyatt, as authorized signers. The old account # ******** was closed and the money, $577.45 was deposited into the new account.While we were at the bank all four of us, Edward Lopez, Danny Northcut, Dawn Hyatt and Chaplain Paul Northcut, signed the letter of “Removal From Membership: that was prepared for Catherine Cordell. The bank employee then notarized the letter and also made a copy of the letter for the bank records.8-2015 at 4:15 p.m., Chaplain Paul Northcut took the letter to the Post Office and sent it certified mail, return receipt requested to : Catherine Cordell, 89 Apple Lane, Russellville, AR 72802-2155.

Motion To Accept The Presiden’ts Report

A motion to accept the President’s report was made by ChaplainChaplain John Freeman

Second To Accept The President’s Report

A second to accept the President’s report was made by Chaplainn/a

Motion Carries

The motion was made unanimous by a majority vote Yes

Secretary’s Report

President Lopez called for consideration of the Secretary’s report. Copies of the Minutes from the previous meeting held on 7-25-15 had been emailed to all members earlier in the month. There was a motion made and seconded that the minutes be approved as presented.

Motion To Accept The Secretary’s Report

A motion was made by Chaplain all to accept the report as read.

Second To Accept The Secretary’s Report

A second motion was made by Chaplain allto accept the secretary’s report as read.

Motion Carries

By unanimous vote the motion carries to accept the secretary’s report.Yes

Treasurer’s Report

In absence of a treasurer, Chaplain Paul Northcut presented four pages of documentation accounting for all the monies that have come into and been spent by CCOA since its inception in January of this year. There was a motion made and seconded to accept these documents. That was followed by several questions and additional explanations of financial matters. There was a call for the question and all voted to approve the motion to accept the financial report.

Motion To Accept The Treasurer’s Report

A motion was made by Chaplain all to accept the report as read.

Second To Accept The Treasurer’s Report

A second motion was made by Chaplain all to accept the report as read.

Motion Carries

By unanimous vote the motion to accept the Treasurer’s report carries Yes

Chaplains Report

Chaplain Dinorah Rangel reported the success of the fund raising efforts through the Yard Sales. She was commended by the president for her hard work. It was also noted that she had a few other Chaplains that were able to assist her. And, not only was a significant amount of money raised, but there were many opportunities for ministry that came to the event.

Special thanks goes to Jim Lavendier for allowing CCOA to use his property on Hwy 64. There was a motion made, seconded and passed to approve the report with appreciation to all who helped.

* See the following report made:

8-17-15 Report by Chaplain Dinorah Rangel on Yard Sale

Blessing to all,

The 64 Galore Fund Raiser was a great challenge and I thank God and our Lord Jesus for giving me the strength and the patience to endure those 3 days, it was HOT! HOT! HOT! I don’t think that I have ever drank so much water in my life.

If it was not for the grace of God and Jesus I would have not been able to pulled it off with out their help and the help of Danny Northcut and John Freeman who were there from set up from day one to tear down on the last day, and also the kindness of our president Edward Lopez for letting us use his huge canopy tent and Jim Lavandier who let us use his land for the sale.

In total we made was $263.58 for all 3 days and monies were deposited to CCOA bank account, items that were not sold were donated to The Main St. Mission and Salvation Army.

Apart of making money we were able to minister to several people on site, others we were able to pray for them about their specific needs and many others were blessed by the items that were given to them at no charge.

The ones that come to mind are 2 small girls that were there with their mother, while the mother was browsing around Danny was showing the girls the beany babies that we had for sale trying to entertain them as the mother browsed, when I looked over to where Danny was and saw the big smile while he pulled out one after another beany baby, my heart was touched and we decided to give the entire box to them with about 20-30 beany babies. As they left their radiant smiling faces glowing with happiness is what will remain engraved in our minds for ever.

Yes, it was a lot of hard work but the goals were met and those were to spread the GOOD NEWS of THE GOSPEL, raise money for CCOA, make people aware of CCOA and try to work together in unity, harmony and respect with all those involved in the fund raiser and i truly believe that all those goals were met.

For all of it I give thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for making all happen according to his will.

Yours in Christ,

Chaplain Dinorah Rangel Fundraiser Chair & Coordinator

Motion To Accept The Chaplains Report

A motion to accept the chaplains report was made by Chaplain n/a

Second To Accept The Chaplains Report

A second was made to accept the chaplains report by Chaplain n/a

Motion Carries

By unanimous vote the motion to accept the chaplains report carries Yes

Old Business

Chaplain Paul reminded everyone at the meeting that we needed to establish exactly who was a member of CCOA. He explained that a letter had been sent by the Secretary to everyone that had taken the CCOA training and asked if they wanted to be considered an active member of this group. With that letter was sent a copy of the Active Members Requirements document that had been adopted on 06-27-15, a reply form and a self addressed/stamped return envelope. The letter explained that they could reply “NO”, or just not reply at all and we would take that as a negative response to staying in CCOA. Chaplain Paul presented a list of names of all the individuals that had been contacted and their replies, or lack of reply that had been sent in return.

As of August 29, 2015, those who had indicated that they wanted to be considered active members of CCOA are:
Kenneth Latham, Ted Modica, Beth Modica, Mary Kisor, Howard Kisor, John Freeman, Edward Lopez, Greg Hyatt, Dawn Hyatt, Harry Komprood, Dinorah Rangel, Danny Northcut, Sharon Malone, Raymond Holt, and Paul Northcut. This is the new official membership list. It was also stated that Vice President , Danny Northcut was going to personally call all those that had not replied to verify their intentions. If one of those individuals indicates their desire to be a member and their willingness to be involved, they can be added to the membership in the future. Therefore, it is established, the CCOA has a total of 15 active members as of 8-25-15. Consequently, a quorum to conduct CCOA business is 8 members.

Chaplain Howard Kisor gave an update on his efforts at getting a constitution and bylaws put together for CCOA. At this time, he is still working on that. It was noted that for the present time, CCOA would continue as a division of Cross & Shield Ministries, Inc. and be governed by their bylaws and constitution. Just for clarification, it was mentioned that a copy of said bylaws had been emailed to the members.

Next, the members considered the election of a Parliamentarian. This item was discussed and tabled at the 7-25-15 meeting. A motion was made and seconded that Chaplain Howard Kisor be elected to that position. The motion was approved unanimously.

Finally, questions raised about the situation involving Chaplain Catherine Cordell and her removal from the CCOA membership were addressed.

At the request of some members present, Chaplain Paul read a copy of the letter that was sent to her . The letter provided detailed explanation of why the leadership felt it was necessary to take this action and also explained the justification for taking this action. A copy of this letter was sent via USPS certified mail and a copy was hand delivered to Ms. Cordell at her home.

Chaplain Paul explained that it was not something that was undertaken lightly and that her dismissal was only done as a last resort to protect CCOA and for the overall good of the ministry. Discussion was had until all questions were satisfied. After the discussion a motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously that there should be no more discussion in the group, or any of us as individuals, about this situation.

New Business

There was a motion made and seconded that the floor be opened for nominations for an interim treasurer. Sharon Malone was asked if she would serve; she stated yes.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to close nominations and by doing so, to elect Sharon by acclamation. Unanimously voted aye.

Next CCOA Training

The next scheduled training date for CCOA is 11-14-15, 11:00 a.m.

CCOA Training Location

The next location for the CCOA Chaplains will be held at Crow Mtn. Baptist Church – potluck lunch and family members are invited

Proposed Training

The proposed training for CCOA Chaplains we’ll be talking about *(Due to time constraints for the trainer, the training was done after the Secretary’s report).

The meeting was turned over to Steve Sullivan, Chaplain for Veteran’s Affairs from Little Rock, Ar for his training session. Steve gave a great training on how we as chaplains could minister more effectively to veterans. His presentation was very informative and lasted about an hour and twenty minutes. We are very grateful for his taking his time to share with us.

After the presentation we took a short break before resuming our scheduled business. Before resuming our business, we dismissed Steve and several other individuals that were at the meeting for the training with our thanks and explained that just the CCOA members would need to stay for the remainder of the meeting.

Motion To Adjourn

A motion to adjourn was made by Chaplain n/a

Motion To Adjourn Carries

By a unanimous vote the motion to adjourn carries Yes

Closing Prayer & Scripture

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