I’m Here
Written by: Chaplain Edward
Bringing God to you in time of a crisis

Today’s topic will answer common problem about friendship.

Thank you for being a friend’ it was a well-known verbiage back in the days we would go visit our friends and family without cell phones, sharing the day’s events and life’s ups and downs, that was called a face to face. My question here is have you done that lately and if not take time to push yourself to do just that today or when you can find it possible. Maybe you need a friend? God can be a silent friend to walk with you, and He talks to you, and best of all will not tell your secret. This year do what God says Dont live by Impulses, seek out wise Counsel, act out and go to church and Connect with New People that understand your problems and comfort you today.

Chaplain Edward is Here

May 2022